歡迎來臨! Wild Ones 維基在此歡迎接收為這維基貢獻者!

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Color Name Hexadecimal Code Example
Axolotl 4E6649
Aubergine 3B0910
Daffodil FFFF31
Dark Red Wood 610A03
Deep Space Sparkle 4A646C
Delgreen 001FFE
Cab Sav 4D0A18
Chartreuse 7FFF00
Cyprus 003E40
Cashew FD940D

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Wild Ones Wiki (WOW)

Wild Ones Wiki(WildOnesWiki) is a Wiki just for Wild Ones. It is one of Playdom's many games. It has most of the information of wild ones so edit, read, and enjoy! Facebook or Myspace!!

What is Wild Ones?

Most of you have probably heard of Facebook and/or Myspace. Well you might have also heard that they have games you can play multiplayer. Wild ones is one of them. Wild Ones is a multiplayer turn based animated shooting game which based on 'Worms'. You will start the game with a Dog and as you continue throughout the game you have the option to get a Rabbit, Panda, Monkey, Cat, Armadillo, Bat, Hamster, Platypus, Dragon, Chameleon, Hedgehog, Duck, Penguin, Hippo and Dino. There are also the 16 maps to play on and 112 weapons to use.

Dog | Rabbit | Panda | Monkey | Cat | Bat | Armadillo | Hamster | Platypus | Dragon | Penguin | Chameleon | Hedgehog | Duck | Hippo | Dino | Lion | Crocodile | Koala
Mini Pets

Falcon | Pig | Lynx | Ram | Walrus | Turkey | Reindeer | Parrot | Mr. Tiny Bones | Elephant | Octopus | Phoenix | Devil | Zonkey | Owl | Puffin | Bald Eagle | Toucan


Sink or Swim | Critter Falls | Crash Landing | Ice Bridges | Foolish Errors
Creepy Crawly | Lab Rats | Hot and Spicy | Kennel | Graveyard | Chow Time! | Winter Wonderblammed | Tower Tops | Emerald Zone | Rumble in The Jungle | Exam Room


Missile | Grenade | Teleporter | Shuriken | Baby Beehive | Grappling Hook | Baby Globgun | MIRV | Drill Missile | Scatter MIRV | Love Note | Rubber Grenade | Laser Cannon | Spider Bomb | Shock Rifle | Killer Goo Globgun | Anti-Grav Missile | Minigun | Beehive | Missile Stream | Jumbo Missile | Cluster Missile | Cluster Grenade | Impulse Bomb | Queen Beehive | Tornado Grenade | Baby Nuke | Goo Globgun | Mega Globgun | Baby Napalm | Napalm | Mega Napalm | Dynamite | Kiss GoodBye | Gamma Beam | Gamma Ray | Gamma Star | Mega MIRV Launcher | Rubber Grenade MIRV | Rubber Grenade Trio | Drill Cluster | Tornado Cluster | Quintuplets | Baker's Dozen | Mega Cluster Grenade | Nuke | Mega Nuke | Game Over Nuke | Anvil | Cow | Mine Cluster | Ninja Stars | Mega Ninja Stars | Starfield | Missile Shower | Rubber Grenade Shower | Mine Shower | Goo Shower | Blizzard | Grave Digger | Mallet | Harpoon | Trout | Chainsaw | Pistols | Fireworks | Poison Cloud | Freeze Ray | Slingshot | Invisibility Potion | Shotgun | AntiGrav Bubble | S'more Shot | Killer Hamster | Candy Mines | Witch's Broom | Trick or Treat Bag | Pumpkin Missile | Candy Grenade | Lantern | Razor Apples | Energy Shield | Kamehameha Wave | Cranberry Missile | Exploding Turkey | Potato Missile | Blunderbuss | Snowman Gun | Dog Bone | Gas Gun | Black Beauty Missile | Candy Cane | Jingle Bell | Health Kit | Cupid's Bow and Arrow | Washington's Axe | Boomerang | Dart | Egg Blaster | Thunderstorm | Jet Pack | Butchers Knife | Bullwhip | Katana Sword | Fire Storm | Venus Monster Plant | Banana Bomb | Spear | Spider Bomb Shower | Bazooka | Liberty Torch | Ironwood Tree | Longbow | Birthday Cake | Bear Trap


Head | Tops | Bottoms | Shoes | Misc | Mini Pets


Carrot | Apple | Watermelon | Strawberry | Coconut | Super Salad | Chips and Salsa | Mango | Cherry | Pineapple | Avocado

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