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Vandalism has been idle again

Fortunately, vandalism is back idle after the last user which is blocked for infinite. Skyridge143 is blocked because of massive vandalism, together with Pantelić and GameWizardCat. The scale is the worst that we have met. Some minor vandalism has occurred too which imprisoned some users. It is not really whether vandalism will be back in October but the above three users is not relevant to the vandals in summer. It might be a terrible news but don't forget Wildoneshelper will choose administrators next month.

WildBrick142 will be the administrator starting from 19th October

Wildoneshelper has been idle now because of his school. Nowadays, WildBrick142 has contributed this wiki a lot and Wildoneshelper can only edit a little bit. Wildoneshelper is going to give rights to WildBrick142 on that day and will remain silent after all. Will he leave this wiki? It is not sure whether he is leaving this wiki but we know he will serve this wiki for more. It seems that Wildoneshelper is not playing Wild Ones but he will continue to fix bug problems and design the wiki more fully.

Wild Ones Wiki changes to Color Wiki?

Wildoneshelper is making the color project that will benefit all Wild Ones users and Wild Ones Wiki users. Wild Ones Wiki users can use the colors to decorate everything nice while Wild Ones users can refer to the color and look for suitable one.

Wiki is in the spotlight

As Wild Ones Wiki has already gone for spotlight, posters have been posted and visitors have an increasing trend. We have more new users now. An astonishing thing for Wildoneshelper is that vandalism seems to be more inactive before Wild Ones Wiki is not on the spotlight. That didn't prove what Wildoneshelper is worrying about, but it proved that Wild Ones Wiki has made successful progress. Any revenge? We are not sure. The vandal we are worrying is the user which is blocked from Wikia Wolf one year ago. WildBrick142 also reported that Loldudez will take big revenge because of his good result. Revenge may occur once Loldudez has his holiday. Wild Ones Wiki is highly alerted about all revenges.