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Wild Ones Wiki is a wiki which provides information about a game in Myspace, Google+ and Facebook called Wild Ones by Playdom. This wiki is free to be edited by editors to make it more informative.
Most of you have probably heard of Facebook, Google+ or Myspace. Well you might have also heard that they have games you can play online. Wild Ones was one of them. Wild Ones was a multiplayer turn based animated shooting game which was based on 'Worms'. You will start the game with a Dog and as you continue throughout the game you have the option to get a pet. There were also the maps to play on and weapons to use. Wild Ones will no longer run since 26 August 2013 in Myspace and Playdom and 28 August 2013 in Facebook. However, copies of the original game has resurfaced on the internet made by fans like Wild Ones: Private Wars (2016), Wild Ones Remake (2016-2017), Wild Ones Heroes (2017), and Wild Ones 2 (Also known as Wild Ones Ultimate) (2019-Present). As of 2020 Wild Ones 2 is the first game to have ever supported both mobile platforms Android and IOS.

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Wildoneshelper Wildoneshelper 14 May 2013

Concern on Item Variables

There's a serious concern on item variables page. Many people ask for codes but they didn't use their brains to look for them. However, most of them …

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Wildoneshelper Wildoneshelper 12 May 2013

Enhancements this summer

Enhancements this summer:

A new design will be brought and I've suggested it before. There will be two tabs. One will be the existing one, which will …

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WildBrick142 WildBrick142 27 April 2013

3 Years of Wild Ones Wiki.

2 days ago (25/4/13) Wild Ones Wiki had it's third birthday... that none of us noticed...

It's 2 days late but anyways Happy Birthday and here's a lin…

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WildBrick142 WildBrick142 9 March 2013


This is a list of all changes made since January 2013 to December 2013. It is not worth making it a page so im making it an announcement.You dont hav…

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