Please follow these ruled when posting whole site blogs.

  • At the end of the post write ~ with no spaces, 4 times (~~ ~~ do this with no spaces) and this will appear. Funkey100 01:21, May 1, 2010 (UTC) .If you forget to do you will NOT get a verbal warning, this is just a to tell, try not to forget.
  • Please post random and useless stuff at the Useless & Random section.
  • If you post spam or break any other rules, it will be trashed, and I will give you a verbal warning, if you write spam again or break other rules again an Admin or me will block you 2 hours, the more you break the rules, the higher the times. They block you like this, 3 times blocked for 2 hours, after that 3 times blocked 1 day, and every 3 times, the higher.
  • If you do something REALLY bad, like delete a WHOLE page, Admins or me can block you for higher times, depending how bad.
  • If you want to just tell facts about something or srategies, post it on the Strategies.
  • Post a new blog with heading 2. For this one you need 10 verbal warnings to get blocked.
  • Have Fun!!!