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Unknown is the Father of all weapon in Wild Ones it can replace non existed sprites (if the weapon is not on sprites).


Unleash the Yin & Yang force!!!

Cost N/A
Damage 100
Ability Sticks like Rubber Grenade and explodes
Found in crates No



  • It is hacked in WPE Pro.
  • The name is unknown the code is also unknown.
  • The code is "unknown".
  • It looks like Yin and Yang symbol.
  • This Weapon can be hacked by Changing Bone to Spit.
  • This Weapon Will Explode with an Kamehameha Wave Rock Effects and Sticks Like a Rubber Grenade.
  • It is slightly known that the weapon's function is Rubber Grenade.
  • This weapon also shows when you port with fiddler and you port a non existing sprite (which unknown will replace to it).
  • Also this is the OOPS weapon if you change grenade to x99nade.[?]

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Wild Ones Unknown Ying Yang Weapon New August 10 2011

Wild Ones Unknown Ying Yang Weapon New August 10 2011

The Unknown

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