If you are here you are new, so templates are stuff that replace stuff in a wiki, example:

(note: {{USERNAME}} replaces itself with the user watching the page and {{PAGENAME}} replaces itself with the name of the page your on)

There is a template named Cool that in it there is: {{USERNAME}} is cool

If you type {{Cool}} you get: <insert name here> is cool

The name will be differ for everyone. Now the basics:

Making a templateEdit

To make a template, first, make a page with this name: Template:Name of template

Then type the contents of it and at the end, write <noinclude>{{Documentation}}</noinclude> and note that there in ONLY source mode in templates.


Categories are good to put in templates. When editing, write [[Category:name of category|{{PAGENAME}}]] to sort that page into that category.


Make a template that has a category to Contents in it. When done, send the template page to me.