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Snacks a

The New Snacks Inventory.

re the power-ups of the game. They will become available to you when you reach Level 4. You get snacks by ordering them from the bowl on the Home page or while on a map. Each snack will have a different boost power and will last longer depending on how much you are willing to pay and wait for them. Example: Carrots will boost up your power by 30% for 1 turns and take 5 minutes to make. You may only use 3 power-ups at once, then you will have to wait until they run out before using more. When a snack is being used a ring will appear around your pet and little electrical bolts will shoot out, this makes it easier to see when your opponents or teammates have used a snack. More bonus means more damage!

Lists of new snacksEdit

Snacks are updated in May and only 2 snacks do not cost treats. However, the prize of buying snacks is more than getting money from the snacks, meaning that the snacks are more expensive and fewer people buying.

Snack Name Costs Bonus Delivery Time Picture
Carrot Expired +30% in 1 turn 5 minutes
Snacks 7
Apple $700 +30% in 2 turns 5 minutes
Snacks 2
Watermelon Expired +75% in 2 turns 5 minutes
Snacks 3
Strawberry Expired +50% in 1 turn 5 minutes
Snacks 4
Coconut Expired +70% in 2 turns 5 minutes
Snacks 5
Super Salad 6 treats +150% in 3 turns 10 seconds
SuperSalad Shop
Chips and Salsa Expired +80% in 3 turns 5 seconds
Snacks 1
Mango 3 treats +40% health in two games 3 minutes
Cherry 3 treats +40% jump in 3 turns 4 minutes
Pineapple 400 coins +20% jump in 2 turns 3 minutes
Avocado 2 Treats +20% Defence in 3 Turns 1 Minute


400 coins +20% Defence in 2 Turns 2 Minutes
Cactus Shop
Acorn Expired +35% Damage boost in 2 Turns 1 Minute
Acorn Shop
Cranberry Sauce Expired +30% Jump Boost in 1 turn 1 Minute
Cranberry Sauce Shop
Cupcake Expired +35 Defence in 4 Turns 5 Seconds

Lists of old snacksEdit

This are the lists of old snacks:


The old snack inventory

Snack name Costs Bonus Delivery Time Picture
Carrot $5 +5% in 3 turns 5 Mins
Apple $20 +15% in 9 turns 8 Hrs
Watermelon $50 +25% in 9 turns 24 Hrs (1 day)
Strawberry $10 +10% in 3 turns 4 Hrs
Coconut $30 +20% in 9 turns 12 Hrs
Super Salad 1 treat +25% in 9 turns 10 Sec
Be careful! Snacks will last 24 hours after they have finished being made before they spoil and become unusable.


A carrot being made

A carrot being made

A fully made carrot

A carrot ready to be collected

Arotten carrot

A rotten carrot

Snacks GlitchEdit

Snack owners who own old snacks will not be deleted, and the same number of snacks you owned. However, the function will be changed. If the owner didn't use up the snack, a glitch will happen. It says it uses up in 3 turns but it may say 4-9 turns, because of the old ones not used up yet.
Snacks Glitch

The glitch shown inside the circle.

 If you click it fast (let say 'three'[before the snacks disappear]) you'll have the effect of three snacks and if you click more you'll have the effect of more snacks e.g. : If you have one Super Salad, then you click it 15 times before its disappear, you'll get the effect of Super Salad * 15 = 2250% more strength.
Clip 15

Yea... I'm Super Pets (Not WonderPets!!)

Unreleased SnacksEdit

Unreleased Snacks

Some Released and Some Unreleased!

The Currently Unreleased Snacks are:




Unreleased Snack Powers:

  • A Bunny with a Guard Block
  • Mega Power Ups
  • More Damage

Not to confuse with Mango.


The last one to enter Wild Ones is a rotten avocado.