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Wikia's Terms of Use

You must obey to Wikia's Terms of Use if you are going to use the Wikia. Be sure to read it.



No Swearing

Never swear on this Wiki even if your not aiming it at anyone.

No Inappropriate Things

Don't talk about inappropriate things as the Wiki could be visited by anyone even those not old enough to play Wild Ones.

NEVER Give Out Your Password

If you give out your password to someone they are able to get to your personal details. NEVER give them out no matter how nice people seem to be.

No Personal Attacks

If you're going to argue with someone make sure it's about content not about the contributer.

No Edit Wars

Don't revert edits made by someone else just to keep your own.

No Opinions On Articles

Try not to put opinions on articles, they don't belong on there. You may put your opinions in the discussion tab on the top right.

Be Nice To People

If they made a mistake with the Wiki it can be fixed don't worry.

You Don't Own Your Edits

No matter how good they are they don't belong to you and may be edited by anyone else.

Don't Advertise On Talk Pages Or Articles

You may put it on your user page but nowhere else.


NEVER make a bad edit

It's okay if you make one not meaning to, but you might get banned if you do it on purpose.

Don't say your name to brag on articles

You can only do it on the discussion tab on the top right.

Don't keep editing the same page over and over again.

This slows the Wiki and is unnecessary. If you are caught doing this often you will get banned.