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Potato 2 Missile is a failed released/unreleased weapon in Wild Ones. The reason it's not released it's because of the weapon's first version or because their icons are the same.
Potato missile 2

Potato 2 Missile

Cost 00000000000000000010.

Coin 10 Coins for 15 Ammo

Damage 600 - 1200
Ability To shoot a potato missile.
Found in crates No

Clip 8

I just bought it...


  • This will be the second version of the Potato Missile.
  • Can be hacked with Tamper Data, T-Search and Cheat Engine.
  • This weapon say expired due to failed released.
  • When hacked it costed 10 Coins for 15 Ammo.
    Clip 5

    Potato Missile on shop!!!Super Cheap.

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