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Chemical Symbol This weapon is harmful to your health.

Mega Napalm is a chemical weapon. Please do not overuse it because it will be very destructive and will make the game unfair.

The Mega Napalm was released on May 27, 2010 and is similar to the Baby Napalm and the Napalm. Its function is like a normal missile and it will explode into napalm when it hit something. The only difference is that the Mega Napalm covers a bigger area of flame. It has been known to cause lag in the game because of its animated fire. You will receive more damage when you are nearer in the exploded napalm fire missile. If the core is being hit and you are near from it, it will deal you critical damage (and possibly, kill your player) due to the multiple sparks. Because teaming is usual on a battle, it is a good tactic to fire the napalm at a person before your turn, so either your teammate or the other player may shoot the victim.

Mega napalm

Covers a huge area with Napalm.

Icon Napalm-mega
Cost 00000000000000000003.

Treats-Icon 3 Treats for 6 ammo

Members: 0000000000000001,250. Coin 1,250 Coins for 6 ammo

Max Cost & Ammo

00000000000000000297. Treats-Icon 297 Treats for 495 ammo

Members: 0000000000000123,750. Coin 123,750 Coins for 594 ammo

Missile Damage 00000000000000000545.

Ability-Icon 545 Damage

Damage 00000000000000000100.

Ability-Icon 100 Damage continuously.

Ability Covers a large area of napalm.

Ability-Icon Covers a large area of napalm

Found in crates Crate-Icon Cross


  • It can kill an opponent when shot straight away and a direct hit.
  • It covers a large area of napalm, which makes opponents fall into the trap.
  • Can do an OTK to opponents.


  • The Napalm can be completely vanquished by Impulse Bomb, Exploding Turkey and it will explode in chain reaction if an explosion has occurred.
  • Enemies can escape easily.
  • Compare to Mega Globgun, the chance of creating an OTK is less than that and it creates less damage than that.


  • This is a two-part type weapon where the first one is the missile damage and the second one is the napalm damage.
  • Although very hard to perform,due to its quantity of napalms that will scatter,some of these may stay longer before they hit the ground and might explode spontaneously,making a chain reaction rooting to the core,damaging and ¬†obliterating some victims.
    Spontaneous combustion-

    this has to be the first turn.

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