Magic Hat is a weapon in Wild Ones. The Magic Hat is an expired weapon in Wild Ones. It is used best against multiple enemies. It works like a regular grenade at first, although not rolling, simply bouncing, then explodes, releasing 5 rabbits with the same abilities as spider bombs, a few going in two directions able to scatter about in the terrain, with the same damage as spider bombs but for the exploding hat, which is the same as a grenade. The rabbits explode when touching an enemy, unlike the gingerbread men from the Gingerbread House, which can punch players many times in one turn. Then smaller rabbits are released when the bigger one hits the enemy.
WO MagicHat

"Warning: Deadly Rabbits hiding inside"


Hat and deadly rabbits!!

Icon Magic Hat

First Release:00000000000000000002. Treats-Icon 2 Treats for 6 ammo

Second Release: 00000000000000000002. Treats-Icon 2 Treats for 12 ammo

Hat Damage 00000000000000000350.

Ability-Icon 350 Damage

Big rabbit Damage 00000000000000000150.

Ability-Icon 150 Damage

Small rabbit Damage 00000000000000000100.

Ability-Icon 100 Damage

Ability Throw a hat with 5 deadly bunnies.

Ability-Icon Throw a hat with 5 deadly bunnies

Found in Crates Crate-Icon Cross
Released on First Release:19th January, 2012
Second Release:10th of May, 2013
Expires on First Release:3rd February, 2012
Second Release:10th of June, 2013


  • Wise to buy and powerful
  • High damage.
  • if you miss rabitts can still do some damage



  • This is a two-part type weapon which the 1st part is the explosion damage of the hat and the 2nd part is the explosion damage of the rabbit.
  • The rabbit can't go out of the terrain, instead they crawl the edges of the map.
  • It has time to explode, and does not wait to land to explode

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