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There are a few known glitches in Wild Ones:

1 Hit Kill Glitch (Patched)Edit

  • This glitch was once famous for killing a player with a Missile.
  • Nevertheless, Even through this glitch is patched. There are many ways to do an OTK.

Go through Wall GlitchEdit

  • This glitch can be performed by using the Teleporter to go through the terrain
  • This glitch was famous to either hide from the Enemy's presence or to die an instant death during your turn.
  • It can be uses to go through thin barriers.

Throwing Dog Bone/ Love Note Glitch (Patched)Edit

  • This glitch involve using the Dog Bone or the Love Note to be throw like a Grenade.
  • Although this glitch is not really giving you any advantages.
  • This glitch have been abused by players.
  • They even made a video all about it and how it works.

Angel Glitch (Patched)Edit

  • This glitch was discovered after the creator of Wild Ones released the infamous Unlimited Life Match.
  • This glitch involves using the Grappling Hook during your pet in angel form.
  • This glitch allows you to become immortal and be immune to weapons.
  • However, your opponent may also perform this glitch.
  • This causes your match to be somehow pointless.
  • While in Immortal Form, you can however use your weapons and damage other pets that are not immortal.
  • However, you can still shoot Missiles from your angel in point matches when you die and it is your turn.
  • You can use any weapon when you are angel.
  • A trick is to drop a bomb onto opponents while rising to heaven without walking.

Deadly Lost Treats GlitchEdit

  • Perhaps, the most cruel glitch of all.
  • This glitch involve you getting your treats down to 0 or decrease to an unknown quantity.
  • This glitch even cause a lot of people to quit playing Wild Ones.
  • However, This glitch can also be cause by hackers.

Membership GlitchEdit

  • When the Membership was released, Most people find it unfair to non-paying users
  • This glitch is far worse than that. It involves your membership to get expired.
  • However, you can report the lost of your Membership to Playdom to get it back.

Fireworks Glitch (Patched)Edit

  • This glitch involve a player using the Fireworks icon and buy as many as Fireworks as possible.
  • This glitch is abused by players. Some even claimed they have over 1000+ Fireworks.
  • This glitch gets patched after 2 days of its released.

Lost Connection GlitchEdit

  • This glitch getting you match interrupted even though you are still connected to the Internet.
  • When this happens there is 2 ways to recognizse it.
  1. Your screen becames White and a "!" Exclamation Mark will appear in circle
  2. While Playing Match Yo get message that you got Lost Connection.

The Suspended Gift GlitchEdit

  • This glitch involve receiving Gifts to a Facebook friend and receiving a message from Wild Ones that you have been cheating.
  • There is a debate among the fans whether it is already patched.

Skill Match GlitchEdit

  • This glitch involves winning the Skill Match against an opponent easily.

Shop GlitchEdit

  • This glitch involves a player having limited access to the Shop.
  • Sometimes even not letting you buy Head or Tops accessories.

Shotgun GlitchEdit

  • This glitch can do 1000+ to 2000+ damage.
  • To do this trick, go next to your opponent and keep pushing them at least until their feet are in the ground.
  • Next, stand next to them and pull out a Shotgun/S'moreshot/Blunderbuss and shoot at their feet.
  • 1 of 3 things should happen:
  1. The opponent will take a decent-heavy amount of damage and get stuck in the ground.
  2. The opponent will take decent-heavy damage.
  3. The opponent will take heavy damage and go flying high in the air.
  • Tip: The more they are in the ground, the more damage you will inflict.

Killer Hamster GlitchEdit

  • This glitch makes your killer hamster amount go up to a number usually around the fifties.
  • This glitch also cause players to get banned

Snacks GlitchEdit

  • This glitch makes your unused up snack to be around 4-9 turns although it says 3 turns.
  • Makes the time limit of your snack last longer which means more damage.
  • This glitch might not be shown in most users because the release of the new power-ups has been a long time already.

Imperial Crown Glitch (Fixed)Edit

  • Some people on Playdom Forums say that the Imperial Crown Banned them, Its cause might be made because buying it a minute or hour after release.

Owl GlitchEdit

  • After buying Owl for Coins or Treats later it says that it costs $900.

    2 glitches of Owl at one time.

  • This may annoy some people because they spend lots of money and they think that price has changed to $900. Don't worry it's just a Glitch.
  • On picture in shop the wings are moving but they are painted to background.

Lost Medals GlitchEdit

  • This glitch make medals turn back to zero.
  • This is bad and good because you do lots of hard work but you can get treats again.
  • Reason of this might be member pet hack or x99 hack.

Red Bowtie GlitchEdit

  • If you put Red Bowtie on Rabbit without any other accessories the Rabbit's hand will disappear.

Armadillo Winning Jump GlitchEdit

  • While Armadillo is making Winning Jump you can see that there is nothing in its shell.

Zonkey Teeth GlitchEdit

  • This glitch make the Zonkey's Teeth to be Transparent so you can see through.

SWAT Helmet to Boxing Helmet Glitch (Fixed)Edit

  • When Boxing Helmet was Released, all SWAT Helmets turned to Boxing Helmet.
  • Many people didn't wanted this Glitch to be fixed.
  • This glitch is now Fixed.

Change Name glitchEdit

  • Some people get a glitch that their names are changing.
    • FIXME-My-User-Name-Is-Too-Long.... etc. etc.
    • Your
  • This might be because of new Indestructible Egypt Map.

Free Buy Glitch(Patched)Edit

  • Many People knows a trick to have everything for free:
    • Have a plain Yellow Dog, 16 Treats and 5,000+ Coins
    • Buy another Dog
    • Sell the Yellow Dog
    • And you have everything for Free
  • Sometimes this glitch don't work.

Multiple Treats GlitchEdit

  • This glitch makes playe have double, triple, quadruple, quintuple or even dozens of Treats.
  • Just open many tabs.
  • If you have slow internet/browser the tabs and sometimes computer may crash.

Grey Bunny GlitchEdit

  • Many Players got a grey Bunny out of nowhere.
  • People say that something strange happen to Playdom due to the free pet.

    see my bunny and my can unlock bunny at lvl. 5, but see,im level 2.

Drill Glitch (Patched)Edit

  • This glitch allows you to OTK easily as you can make your opponent slide down the hole that you made and win instantly.
  • However, if you try it now, your opponent will get stuck in the hole.
  • This still works with a small Hamster.

Loading Error GlitchEdit

  • This glitch makes your game look weird or it wont load.

Coloring Shop Pets Glitch Edit

  • These are the steps to color the shop pets:
  1. Open Wild Ones and click Shop section, and then open Pets.
  2. Click on any pets and click buy.
  3. Choose the color you want to the pet and click back.
  4. Click again in Shop, and then Pets.
  5. And now see the MAGIC.

    the magic!

Practice glitchEdit

  • When the game is finished or when you exit the game, it gives you a blank page with the Wild Ones dashboard and the game background present. On top, you will see the timer and "your turn".
  • You can't return to the main page or the practice page but can enter other pages like the multiplayer page.
  • Sometimes, the timer is still present even though you change to another page.
    Practice glitch