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This page contains information about Expired Content, thus Fireworks cannot be seen in the shop of Wild Ones.

The Fireworks is a missile that explodes into colors. It was re-released on 28 June 2011 on Wild Ones. It has the widest blast radius (the damage is same as the regular) among the Missiles Family. When you shoot a firework, it acts like a missile until it exploded into something and fireworks were launched.

Cause baby you're a firework!


Boom Boom Rocket!

Icon Fireworks


Damage 00000000000370 - 400.

Ability-Icon 370 - 400 Damage

Ability When it explodes, it releases colors and then disappear.

Ability-Icon When it explodes, it releases colors and then disappear.

Found in crates Crate-Icon Tick2

Is it illegal to sell fireworks through markets?


  • It can mystify the people because of its beautiful firework.
  • It has a very wide blast radius,so it is able to damage pets better than an ordinary missile with the same place.


  • It has little damage which can't do an OTK.
  • Fireworks is a timed explosive weapon. Therefore, it was not recommended to use as lob shots or shoot to a far opponent without haste.
  • Firework does less damage compared to a missile.


  • Even though it's shaped like a slim Missile, it will behave like a real firework and will explode after a certain amount of time or when hitting something.
  • It was available in the Weapon Crate from July 4, 2010 to July 8, 2010.
  • You can have 5 in Crate, but 1 when receiving Gifts
  • Since weapons are made to be purchased,Fireworks are instead, a charity,as buying a firework will give you 1 coin.
  • This is also useful when you try to hit an opponent near to the Health Packs or Weapon crates, as it can prevent the opponent from taking it by being affected by the firework's wide blast radius. Therefore, the crates and packs has a tendency to explode.
  • When Fireworks are released again in the Independence day of 2011, its smoke and sparks are graphically updated.
  • It is somehow got back in crates after the Playdom guild glitch that lasted for a few days.
  • The sparks of it was also on Birthday Cake and Lollipop Bouquet when the weapon exploded.

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