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The Dynamite is an explosive weapon in Wild Ones. It is less powerful than the Kiss Goodbye, the Dog Bone, and the Love Note. Players like to use it in Foolish Errors to make other players fall into a hole that the Dynamite created. The function of dynamite is the same as Dog Bone.

A Cat holding a Dynamite!

Dynamite power

Taio Cruz's one is fatal!

Icon Dynamite
Cost 00000000000000000700.

Coin 700 Coins for 10 ammo

Max Cost & Ammo 0000000000000069,300.

Coin 69,300 Coins for 990 ammo

Damage 00000000000000000400.

Ability-Icon 400 Damage

Ability Drop a pack of dynamites that detonate on your opponents.

Ability-Icon Drop a pack of dynamites that detonate on your opponents

Found in crates Crate-Icon Cross


  • It can produce a lot of marks when there is a bunch of pets.
  • Can blow enemies away.
  • Makes a medium-sized hole, so your opponent can fall into it.
  • Cheap weapon.


  • Can't do an OTK.
  • The blast radius and the area of effect is not high.

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