Crates are wooden boxes that drop randomly in a match they contain random weapons or accessories. Like the health pack it will explode if a blast from a weapon hits it. When a crate explodes near a pet the pet will not receive additional damage. Some players are so desperate to get the crate that they use a lot of teleporters and waste their turn just to get one. Earning Crates will get you a chance to get Medals. They can deal 20 damage if caught in a blast.

Warning: Crate items are always changing so this list may get outdated fast!

Weapon crate

A Crate

Rarity Weapon
Common 2 Teleporter
Common 1 Slingshot
Common 2 Grappling Hook
Common 1 Anti-Grav Missile
Common 1 Baby Nuke
Uncommon 1 Beehive
Uncommon 1 Drill Missile
Uncommon 1 Anvil
Uncommon 1 Nuke
Unknown 3 Teleporter
Uncommon 1 Tornado Grenade
Rare 1 Mini Gun
Unknown 1 Cornucopia Gun
Rare 1 Chainsaw
Rare 1 Freeze Ray
Unknown 1 Game Over Nuke
Unknown 1 Gamma Star

1 Bear Trap

Rare 2 Love Note
Rare 2 Kiss Goobye
Rare 5 Fireworks
Unknown 1 Birthday Cake


Rare 2 Missle Stream
Unknown 2 Minigun
Extremely Rare 5 Shock Rifle
Extremely Rare

1 Pickaxe

Rare 1 Compass

Rarity Accessory
Rare Chef Hat
Unknown Explorer Hat
Unknown Pilot Hat
Unknown Devil Horns
Rare Football Helmet
Rare Bright Top
Rare Goatee
Unknown Wizard Cloak
Extremely Rare Cheftin top
Unknown Ninja top

Clown Shoes

Unknown Skull Top
Unknown Skullhead

Rarity Currency
Rare +75 Coins
Extremely Rare 1 Treat

Extremely Rare

+50 Coins
Extremely Rare 2 Treats


5 Treats
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