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Chemical Symbol This weapon is harmful to your health.

Cow is a chemical weapon. Please do not overuse it because it will be very destructive and will make the game unfair.

The Cow is not technically an animal but a dynamite disguised as a cow and one of the strongest weapons in the game. It can do an OTK. If it has hit the ground before it hits the target, it will do no damage but explodes a puddle of goo. (Even if you hit your opponents, it will still spurt out goo.)

The Cow is thrown like the Anvil.

The Cow

Icon Cow

00000000000000000004. Treats-Icon 4 Treats for 4 ammo

Members: 00000000000000000003. Treats-Icon 3 Treats for 4 ammo

Max Cost & Amo 00000000000000000396.

Treats-Icon 396 Treats for 396 ammoMembers: 00000000000000000297. Treats-Icon 297 Treats for 495 amo

Damage 00000000000000001200.

Ability-Icon 1200 Damage (OTK if aimed propely)

Goo damage 00000000000000000150.

Ability-Icon 150 Damage per second

Ability Throw a heavy cow at an opponent directly for massive damage and leave a puddle of goo behind.

Ability-Icon Throw a heavy cow at an opponent directly for massive damage and leave a puddle of goo behind

Found in crates Crate-Icon Cross


  • It can do an OTK.
  • Also suitable for a pair of opponents together,whilst one suffering to death,one will be affected by the goo.


  • It can't kill somebody if the Cow hit the ground, which can cause epic failure and epic waste.
  • Not recommended if you want to spread a lot of goo


  • When thrown with no power, the Cow will lay on the ground for a few moments, without exploding.
  • The Cow is the upgraded version of the Anvil.
  • If you one want to make goos, this weapon can't make the great choice. However, Mega Globgun can do an OTK which is similar to Cow. However, if you want to spread it better and make an OTK Mega Globgun is better.
  • The reason it spreads goo is unknown, maybe is just a hilarious effect, because is a classic that cows have goo inside them, and release them when exploding;or a cow with a dynamite inside it,while the cow is very heavy(hence doing an OTK), the dynamite explodes inside,splattering goo in it (somewhat grotesque).
  • The code is "cow"

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