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Clover Shower is an OTK weapon in Wild Ones. When you use this weapon, there will be a wave of clover missiles at first. Then, it will inflict another wave of clover mines. If lucky enough, an OTK is resulted.

Clover Shower in Wild News (ITS SPECIAL!)

" A double airstrike of clover missiles and clover mines"

Icon Clover Shower
Cost First Release: 00000000000000000003.

Treats-Icon 3 Treats for 5 ammo
Second Release: 00000000000000000002. Treats-Icon 2 Treats for 7 ammo

Missile Damage 00000000000000000375.

Ability-Icon 375 Damage each

Mine Damage 0000000000000175-200.

Ability-Icon 175-200 Damage each

Ability First, clover missiles will fall down. Second, clover mines will fall down

Ability-Icon First, clover missiles will fall down. Second, clover mines will fall down

Found in Crates Crate-Icon Cross
Released on First Release: March 16, 2012
Second Release: March 16, 2013
Expired on First Release: March 30, 2012
Second Release: April 15, 2013


  • High damage.


  • Costs treats.


  • It's the only shower who has two waves of inflicting damage.
  • It's a two-part type weapon where the 1st part is the missile damage while the 2nd part is the mine damage. It is possible to be three-part type or more if the pet stepped on two or more mines.
  • It's a St. Patrick's Day Weapon like the Pot of Gold.
  • The mines of it immediately explodes when in contact and the beeps follow instead of the delayed explosion after it has beeped.

Clover Missiles and Mines