The Bat is the 7th pet to be released. The Bat costs now 40 treats and 38 treats for Members. Its special ability is Fly, which make the Bat the only pet that can fly on Wild Ones.

The Bat's Stats









Ability Uses



Non-Members 40 treats Members:38 treats

Level to buy

Level 16


A Bat (you can change its color)

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The greatest advantage of the Bat is the fly, which is used to escape explosives that are set by the player itself. Its jump is high maybe because of the fly.


A disadvantage of the bat is its speed because its fairly low and its health is too.And it is a chow pet now.It also cost Treats.


Right key to move right, Left key to move left and Up key to jump. D key to move right, A key to move left and W key to jump. You can also use the mouse to point where to go. To fly, click the ability button and W for moving up, A for moving left, S for moving down and D for moving right.


  • On 6/13/10, there was a glitch which let non-members get a Bat. The glitch was quickly patched and all Bats were changed into dogs.
  • The Bat is currently the only pet that is able to fly.
  • Very good in using the weapon Starfield, for it can move up and down and can change direction it is facing while flying.
  • It is available for Members during that time for coins, after that Wild Ones changed it for 40 Treats and 38 Treats for Members, many people that became Members during that time was lucky to keep many bats they want.
  • It is the first pet that cost treats in the game. Originally, it's cost was coins.
  • It was the first pet that didn't have an ability, but later Wild Ones changed it or received some complaints about bad controlling and now currently the Bat has an ability: Fly.
  • The ability turned to be a little bit robotic because of its unique ability and will not be affected by the gravity.
  • Playdom ruined the bat by adding the special ability. Many people had bought the bat only for the flying ablitity and also bought a membership to buy it when it used to be a members only pet. Now that the ability was added, flying is limited and it is much less beneficial to the owners of the bat. Adding this ability made the bat a useless pet and wasted many people's treats.
  • Its one of the best way to use air strikes weapon like missile shower and you are not been damage if you

    The Fearsome Real BAT!!

    are flying

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